The Fairgrounds

Westmoreland Fairgrounds

Westmoreland Fairgrounds was established in 1957 to provide a location for the growing Westmoreland Fair.  Over the year, the Fair’s Board of Directors have built 20 buildings including barns, pavilions, and small arena – complete with stage, and a Grandstand Arena complete with roof and with seats for 5,600 and room to expand audiences to more than 8,000.

Westmoreland Fairgrounds is home to the annual Westmoreland Fair in August, the Overly’s Country Christmas in December, the PA Arts and Crafts Colonial Festival on Labor Day weekend, and many events throughout the year.

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  • Events Throughout the Year

    Westmoreland Fairground hosts more than the Westmoreland Fair! Throughout the year, we host many events, sales, bashes, 4H events, Horse shows, craft shows, and Overly's Country Christmas. Check out our events description or schedule for details.

  • Renting the Fairgrounds

    Did you know you can rent Westmoreland Fairgrounds for your Event? From the Grandstand Arena to the Banquet Hall, Westmoreland Fairgrounds is a great venue for events of all sizes. From weddings, to shows, to large events, we can host your indoor and outdoor event.

  • Winter Storage

    Did you know that we have Winter Storage for your boats, campers, RVs, cars, motorcycles, and more? If you want to protect your valuable vehicles from the harsh winter weather, store them in our protected buildings from October through April.